Resilient Heart Yoga: Integration

padma mudra chelsea8-week series

Do you want to intentionally respond to life rather than freak out?

Are you looking for a community that bridges yoga with real life?

Does movement help you process and heal?

“Resilient Heart Yoga: Integration” continues to foster strength, flexibility, kindness and the ability to meet life head on with tools to keep you steady.


In the Resilient Heart Yoga: Integration you will:

  • feel more ease by practicing skills learned in the Introduction 
  • move your body in ways that create more resilience and compassion
  • soothe your system and connect to your inherent lovingkindness through meditation
  • support your wholeness when you feel broken through an exploration of yoga philosophy
  • connect and learn from your sangha (community) to gain insight and new perspectives
  • make new neural pathways so that you can respond to situations rather than react

We all have patterns that we use to protect ourselves through challenges, such as dissociation, overwhelm and anger, and these patterns do not change overnight. This class will delve deeper into our unique patterns and ways to shift them so that we can meet ourselves, our relationships and our communities with more ease, empowerment and peace.

8-week series starts:
Thursday, September 14

Supporting Rate: $199
Sustaining Rate: $149
Sponsored Rate: $99


“Make an Offering” spots available.
These slots are available for those who need additional financial support to practice while still having the opportunity to make an offering, which can be an important energetic exchange. No one turned away for lack of funds.
Please contact to learn more.


“Benefactor and contentment. Both of these words felt sticky to me. I really had to sit with these words and discover why. It helped me discover places in myself that I am not feeding.”

“I loved the physical exploration of equanimity and recognizing it as strength and power- not passive. [This was a] space to get out of my head and to let my body, gut and heart speak.”

“This was a quiet space to practice self-care, compassion and mindfulness during my busy, draining week. I struggle with allowing myself to feel sad, especially as regards to my history. The mindfulness and lovingkindness are helpful to that end, and I can be with it better.”

“I’m finding it very challenging to have anything other than anger directed toward those whose political views are different than mine. This series really ‘demanded’ that I look at that, in a loving way.

This was “a yoga experience that felt healing and holistic instead of just being about physical exercise.”