Moving with Balance Towards Racial Justice: Radical Dharma

Investigating our conditioning through radical dharma
Wednesday, November 1 from 4:30-5:45pm (on-line)

Does racial and social justice feel in conflict with your spiritual practice at times?

Do you vacillate between politically active and burned out and desire a sustainable way to stay engaged?

Are you a person of color or an anti-racist white activist looking for grounding, balance and sustainability?

Let’s learn to move out in the world as compassionate fierce forces for racial justice.

Join us for a facilitated group exploration of the book Radical Dharma by Reverend angel Kyodo Williams, Lama Rod Owens and Jasmine Syedullah.

Mindfulness, self-reflection and embodiment practices cultivate a greater capacity to pay attention to both race and spirituality simultaneously.


In this workshop you will:
* deepen your spiritual practice with race consciousness.
* have the opportunity to ground your activism with spiritual practices.

We will build online community to engage with topics of racism, anti-racism, Whiteness, love and liberation through:
*integration and embodiment practices
*small group discussions
*closed Facebook group
*sharing of outside resources and readings
You can purchase the book here or at your favorite local bookstore.

Please note for the on-line series we will not meet on Wednesday, November 22. Our last session will be December 13.

Sliding Scale Tuition: $149-74.
Supporting: $149
Sustaining: $112.50
Supported: $74
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“The book was really rich and thought provoking, and I know I would not have engaged with some of the questions in the same way on my own/without the support of the group. I noticed myself just being more thoughtful, attuned and attentive to issues of race/racial identity/racial dynamics in every aspect of my life.”

“The experience has helped me stretch my boundaries on many levels.  I’m more curious about differences and ask more questions.  I’ve been able to recognize overwhelm and identify ways I can support racial and social justice in my local community.  I’m more sensitive to my own ancestral history and the history and authenticity of the teachings and language that I share in my yoga, meditation, and ayurveda classes.”
-Wendy Dion

“I had been struggling with being overwhelmed by the feeling of urgency to engage politically and in social justice, but at the same time needed a break after an active time.Didn’t know how to proceed, so the class sounded interesting. And it was more than I hoped for, as the book and our conversations have given me new ideas to work with.”

“I recommend this series! The experiential nature of the class helped me to work with my feelings of racism and unconscious bias. I felt safe and supported and more courageous and willing to engage in discussions about racism and social change work.
-Adam F.

“I’m more brave in my conversations. I’m kinder to myself and my conditioning. I’m more open and excited about engaging in anti-oppression work.
Mark F.